Call for vacancies - LTO Vacancies, Hungary EOM Local Elections 2024

LTO Vacancies, Hungary EOM Local Elections 2024

01. Apr. 2024.

ENEMO is announcing a call for Long-Term Observers for the International Election Observation Mission for the Local Elections in Hungary. Local Elections in Hungary will be held on 09 June 2024, on the same day as EU Parliamentary elections.

 Member organizations are invited to submit LTO candidates from their respective organizations, which meet the requirements from the ToR (see below), and submit their CVs and application forms.

Candidates submitting their CV and application form directly to ENEMO must provide a reference (name, surname and email) in the application form of the individual granting them permission to apply on behalf of the organization.

LTO candidates with previous experience in Hungary are highly encouraged to apply.

In addition to sending the CV and application form, please note all LTO candidates must be registered in the new ENEMO Database as follows:

  • In order to register in the ENEMO Database, applicants must use the following link (https://db.enemo.org/register). 
  • If applicants are already registered, please ensure that your profile is up to date by signing into your Profile and filling in the mandatory information fields (https://db.enemo.org/login).
  • Applications from candidates which are not registered in the Database shall not be considered.

Applications should include the following:

  1. CV
  2. Application Form
  3. Applicant should be registered in the ENEMO Database, as instructed above.

 To become an LTO, please submit the respective application form and CV to info@enemo.eu by the following deadlineMonday 15th April until 23:59 PM (Brussels time).

Interviews with shortlisted candidates are expected to be held shortly after the deadline for submitting applications.

 Please bear in mind that the arrangements for the mission and its scale are still under discussion with our donors. Therefore ENEMO retains the right to withdraw the call if some major changes occur. ENEMO is also obliged to reserve the right at any time to cancel this call or the mission or to modify the conditions and/or dates of potential deployment. Applicants will be notified beforehand of any substantial changes in this regard.

 Please use the application form in attachment, which should be filled and returned to the above mentioned address.