Central Executive Office (CEO)

The Central Executive Office (CEO) is the responsible body for implementing all the acts and regulations adopted by the Governing Board and the General Assembly.

The CEO is headed by an Executive Director. The Executive Director is the legal representative of ENEMO. The term of Executive Director is four years.

The main tasks of the CEO are: implementing strategic plans (ENEMO strategic plan; PR plan; Fundraising Plan) adopted by the Governing Board and the General Assembly; conducting activities in accordance with the regulations adopted by the Governing Board and the General Assembly; preparing and administering projects and monitoring their implementation; preparing and administering EOMs; disseminating information among ENEMO bodies and preserves internal communication between the CEO, the President of ENEMO, the Governing Board and the member organizations, in accordance with the Communication and Visibility Policy; maintaining contact and communication with other international organizations, diplomatic representatives, international CSOs and governments in accordance with the Communications and Visibility Policy; gathering and maintaining the (digital/electronic) archive of ENEMO operations/activities (institutional memory) in accordance with the Archiving Policy; preparing and organizing the sessions of the Governing Board and the General Assembly in cooperation with the Governing Board; maintaining ENEMO web pages and accounts on social media channels; conducting other activities. 

Zlatko Vujovic

Executive Director
Email: zlatko.vujovic@enemo.eu
Phone: +38267679797

Pierre Peytier

Head of Department for Democracy and Elections
Email: pierre.peytier@enemo.eu
Phone: +382 67598877

Dubravka Tomic

Head of Operations
Email: dubravka.tomic@enemo.eu
Phone: +38269727207