Our mission

ENEMO's mission is to promote civil society's involvement towards improving electoral processes, greater transparency of governments and their accountability to citizens, and respect of basic human rights and freedoms. To achieve this aim, ENEMO works independently or in cooperation with its member organizations.

The main field of ENEMO expertise is carrying out professional and impartial international election observation. ENEMO supports promotion of democracy in its region of engagement by deploying international election observation missions to assess the electoral processes and political environment, and to offer accurate and impartial observation reports, along with prospective solutions and creative approaches to the identified problems.

ENEMO observers make sure that each observed election is conducted in compliance with international principles of transparency, inclusiveness and fairness. At the end of each mission ENEMO gives recommendations to parliaments, political parties and the media in order to make sure that what we consider was done poorly is improved by the next elections. The improvement of electoral processes, with greater transparency of the governments and their accountability to the citizens, as well as respect of basic human rights and freedoms, is the main aim of ENEMO. We often hear about free and fair elections, but what does that actually mean? In any state the authority of the government can only derive from the will of the people as expressed in genuine, free and fair elections held at regular intervals on the basis of universal, equal and secret suffrage. ENEMO acknowledges and endorses the fundamental principles relating to periodic free and fair elections that have been recognized by states in universal and regional human rights instruments, including the right of everyone to take part in the government of his or her country directly or indirectly through freely chosen representatives, to vote in such elections by secret ballot, to have an equal opportunity to become a candidate for election and to put forward his or her political views, individually or in association with others.