Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine 2012

Country: Ukraine

Type of election: Parliamentary election

Type of mission: Election observation mission (EOM)

Head of mission: Peter Novotny

Deputy head of mission: Maja Milikic

Long-term observers: 35

Short-term observers: 40

The ENEMO mission for the 2012 parliamentary elections in Ukraine began its work on 23 July 2012 with the arrival of four Core Team members. ENEMO was the first international election observation mission registered. Thirty-five long-term observers arrived to Kyiv on 5 August 2012 and after training they were deployed throughout Ukraine. Long-term observer teams covered one or two oblasts of Ukraine.

Focus of ENEMO long term observers was on the conduct of election campaign, formation and work of election commissions, media situation and official election complaints. On October 25, 2012 ENEMO short term observers arrived to Ukraine. They were briefed and trained on political environment, specifics of the election process and election legislation. Short term observers were paired with long term observers. On the Election Day ENEMO fielded 86 observers paired in 43 short term observation teams that observed opening of polling stations, conduct of voting inside polling stations, environment around polling stations and counting of votes in selected precincts throughout Ukraine. ENEMO observers operated as mobile teams and obtained information from over 550 PS equally dispersed throughout all regions of Ukraine. Moreover ENEMO observers have followed transfer of PEC protocols to the district election commissions and tabulation process at the DECs. On the Election Day focus of ENEMO observation was to assess the work of election commissions, conduct of voting, conduct of tabulation and identification of potential irregularities and violations throughout the Election Day. 

ENEMO’s 2012 parliamentary election observation mission in Ukraine was conducted with the support of the United States government, the British government, the German Foreign Office, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Kingdom of Norway and the Black Sea Trust. ENEMO Mission in Ukraine worked in partnership with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.


Launch of the Mission

28. Aug. 2012 SEE MORE

Statements during the mission

04. Aug. 2012 SEE MORE


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