Interim Reports - Interim Report II - Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine 2012

Interim Report II - Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine 2012

22. Oct. 2012.

The ENEMO mission for the 2012 parliamentary elections in Ukraine began its work on 23 July 2012 with the arrival of four Core Team members. ENEMO is the first international election observation mission registered for the Parliamentary Elections 2012 by the Central Election Commission (CEC). Thirty-five long-term observers arrived to Kyiv on 5 August 2012 and after training they were deployed throughout Ukraine. Long-term observer teams cover one or two oblasts of Ukraine. So far, ENEMO issued first interim report for the period August 5 – September 9. For this second interim report the focus of ENEMO long term observers was on the conduct of election campaign, formation and work of election commissions, media situation and official election complaints. Findings of this report are based on 272 reports received from long term observers. From the beginning of the mission, ENEMO observers have held 1728 meetings, out of which 823 were meetings with candidatesand representatives of political parties, 258 with election commissions and administrative officials, 238 with representatives of NGOs, 128 with media representatives and many other domestic and international interlocutors. They attended 81 rallies as well as132 DEC sessions, 47 CEC sessions and 19 PEC sessions.