Building capacities of ENEMO Core Team members and Long-term observers

As a key feature of the capacity building project supported by NDI Ukraine, ENEMO is producing a professionally written Handbook for CT members and LTOs, in line with past lessons learned and the experience accumulated by ENEMO through the deployment of IEOMs in several countries. This Handbook will serve as a basis to provide extensive knowledge to CT experts and LTOs for future IEOMs, with a comprehensive initiation to ENEMO’s methodology for observing elections. It is expected to greatly increase the preparedness of future CT members and LTOs. The Handbook will also help clarify the roles, tasks and obligations of all members composing the missions. It will serve as a methodological support document and as a reference setting out uniformed standards for all ENEMO missions.

entirely new training modules specifically reflecting the content of the above mentioned Handbook for CT members/LTOs were designed by 4 ENEMO hired experts to effectively and interactively communicate the essential methodological framework. In general, this will provide for a comprehensive approach combining a theoretical medium, through the Handbook and Guidebook as support documents, and more interactive trainings on Zoom. These trainings were based on a four-day standard, using the content outlined in the Handbook, and are gathered over 60 LTO trainees in total. 4 online trainings of four-day duration were held with approximately 16 participants per group (prospective LTOs) per training, conducted by 4 trainers. Participants, for the first time, had an opportunity to undergo training based on the previously drafted Handbook. This is expected to be a significant step forward in the understanding of ENEMO’s methodology, improving the quality of reporting and LTO work and, therefore, the quality of observation missions. The main goal of these training sessions is to have better educated and more knowledgeable LTOs.

This will raise the professionalism and quality of the mission to an even higher level and allow for advanced monitoring at all levels. Candidates participating in the trainings will be required to undergo a written test based on the content of the Handbook and trainings, to check their knowledge and understanding of the Handbook and training modules. Upon successful completion of the tests, these trainings would be accompanied with a certificate of completion, certifying individuals having undergone training and read the Handbook. Trainings were held from 10 May to 16 May 2022.


Building capacities for Observation and Promoting the Integrity of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia

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