Call for vacancies - Core Team Vacancies, Hungary EOM Local Elections 2024

Core Team Vacancies, Hungary EOM Local Elections 2024

11. Mar. 2024.

ENEMO is glad to announce a call for Core Team members for an International Election Observation Mission to Hungary for the upcoming 2024 Local Elections. EU Parliament elections are scheduled to take place on the same day as well.

In the framework of the mission to Hungary for the Local Elections scheduled for 09 June 2024, ENEMO is announcing a call for the following 6 CT positions:  

  • Head of Mission
  • Deputy Head of Mission
  • Election Administration Analyst/Legal Analyst
  • Political/Campaign Analyst
  • Media Analyst
  • LTO Coordinator

Please note that given the new ENEMO Database, the procedure for applying to ENEMO positions within EOMs has been updated:

  • In order to apply for a position, you must register in the ENEMO Database (https://db.enemo.org/register). Applications from candidates which are not registered in the Database shall not be considered.
  • If you are already registered, please ensure that your profile is up to date by signing into your Profile (https://db.enemo.org/login).
  • In order to apply for this specific position, please additionally send us your CV and application form attached at this address: info@enemo.eu

Therefore to become a CT member, in addition to sending us your CV and the form attached, please bear in mind that you are now required to register in the ENEMO online Database. The registration process will guide you through a series of steps to register you into our Database including your information, professional experience, education, skills, etc. In the Database, you will find more information about the positions under the "Vacancies" section, which can be found in the top right tab next to your Profile or on our official webpage.

Please register/update your profile and send us your application documents (CV and form below) for the desired position(s) to info@enemo.eu by Monday 25 March, until midnight (CET)

Please also bear in mind that the deployment of the mission and its scale is still under discussion with our main donors; however, we considered it crucial to have CT members selected beforehand.

Hungarian citizens are not allowed to apply for this mission.

It is very important to note the following:

  • Due to the funding and timeframe, the mission would be limited in scale. The mission would be composed of the CT positions mentioned above and LTOs. A call for LTOs will be published at a later date following selection of the CT members. The possibility of STOs and increasing the mission's scale remains under discussion with potential donors.
  • Due to the above, ENEMO is obliged to reserve the right at any time to cancel this call or the mission or to modify the conditions and/or dates of potential deployment
  • The exact position title and duties are also subject to change, as they depend on funding from the donors. Applicants will be notified beforehand of any substantial changes in this regard.