Annual Reports - Annual report 2020

Annual report 2020

17. Jan. 2021.

The new circumstances caused by the Covid19- pandemic have required the development of a special strategy for conducting election monitoring in order to minimize the risk of infection as much as possible. In these circumstances, ENEMO was the first organization that has successfully conducted the mission with remote operation of all long-term observers and delivered all products according to previously set standards. 

This year has been extremely successful in gaining the trust of our new donors, hence for the first time in the mission of monitoring the parliamentary elections in Montenegro, we were supported by the US State Department. 

Open society foundations supported ENEMO for the first time by providing financial support for the study "Effects of the COVID19- pandemic on the organization and holding of elections in post-Soviet states: a cross-study among electoral environments in Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan ", which is the first ENEMO product of this type which is the product of the work of representatives of the members of the Network from several countries. We look forward to the end of this project, which we will inform you about in next year's report. 

All of these accomplishments are hopefully a sign of many more good things to come for the Network, many more international observation missions, different donors and projects to implement. Hopefully, this report will properly reflect all the work we have done this year and we welcome any advice or suggestions for our further work that this report might inspire.