Annual Reports - Annual report 2018

Annual report 2018

22. Jan. 2019.

ENEMO was formed in 2001 and for 17 years has been an informal network before it was formally registered in Montenegro in 2018 and grew from an informal network of non-governmental organizations to a form alone, capable of fundraising and conducting international observation missions on its own.

ENEMO implemented a project which directly contributed in making the Network a more professional and financially sustainable organization. Within this project several key activities were carried out, a General Assembly was held in Montenegro, where ENEMO’s membership was consolidated and several other important things were discussed, mainly regarding the Communication and Fundraising strategy and upcoming missions.

For the first time ever, ENEMO, as a legal entity, was directly awarded the funds by the EU for the Election Observation Mission to Armenia (Parliamentary Elections 2018) i.e. the funding did not go through a host organization (in this case, the Centre for Monitoring and Research). It is also important to note that a second upcoming project in which ENEMO is directly funded by the EU and has the status of co applicant, is related to capacity building of TIAC (Transparency International Anticorruption Center).

Since ENEMO is a network of experienced and successful election monitoring organizations, it was only right to include stories about the hard work they completed in their respective countries of origin in 2018, so a good part of this report is dedicated to highlighting their achievements.

Also, ENEMO used its resources to partially parallelly conduct three different observation missions. One in Armenia, one in Moldova that begun at the end of the year and one in Ukraine, which started in January of 2019.

All of these accomplishments are hopefully a sign of many more good things to come for the Network, many more international observation missions, different donors and projects to implement.

Hopefully, this report will properly reflect all the work we have done this year and we welcome any advice or suggestions for our further work that this report might inspire.