Head of Mission and Political and Campaign Analyst of ENEMO’s IEOM to Hungary met with the Member of Board Gabor Hanak and Deputy Mayor Ors Tetlak from LMP- The Green Party of Hungary

11. Mar. 2022.

On March 10, Head of Mission Dritan Taulla and Political and Campaign Analyst Dmytro Tuzhanskyi of ENEMO’s IEOM to Hungary for 2022 Parliamentary Elections met with the Member of Board Gabor Hanak and Deputy Mayor Ors Tetlak from LMPThe Green Party of Hungary.

The meeting was an opportunity to present ENEMO’s mission and to discuss ongoing election campaign in Hungary, its key trends, tactics and political alliances; topics of political debates and competition; legal, political and media landscape of Hungary, how it has changed for the last decade and how these changes influence upcoming elections. 


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