ENEMO IEOM to Montenegro Round table - February 22, 2021

23. Feb. 2021.

February 22, Podgorica - Round table "Parliamentary Elections in Montenegro: promoting a comprehensive review of the electoral legislation"

2:25 Dr. Gianluca Passarelli, Head of Mission, ENEMO 2020 IEOM to Montenegro,

12:29 Mr. Aleksa Becic, Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro,

19:40 Ambassador Ms. Judy Reinke, US Embassy in Montenegro,

25:07 Ms. Slavica Biljarska, Resident Program Manager - Montenegro, National Democratic Institute (NDI),

40:43 Mr. Aleksa Ivanovic, Chairman of the SEC,

1:11:55 Mr. Dusan Drakic, Head of Department for Implementation of Measures to Control the Financing of Political Entities and Election Campaigns,

1:23:10 Mr. Goran Vukovic, Director of the Agency for Electronic Media,

1:57:10 Mr. Pierre Peytier, Member of the ENEMO Secretariat, Election Campaign Analyst, ENEMO 2020 IEOM to Montenegro,

2:25:40 Ms. Teodora Gilic, Executive Director of the Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI),

2:32:30 Ms. Milica Kovacevic, Director of the Center for Democratic Transitions (CDT)