Annual Reports - Annual report 2021

Annual report 2021

23. Jan. 2022.

This report represents a compilation of activities and projects that ENEMO implemented during the year. During 2021 ENEMO used its resources to conduct four international election observation missions: Albania Parliamentary Elections, Moldova Parliamentary Elections, Georgia Local Elections and Local Elections in Kosovo. Due to the context of the COVID19- pandemic, the missions were limited in scale and therefore great challenge for all participants in the election process. In order to ensure proper COVID19- protective measures, ENEMO operated partially remotely, with only a part of the Core Team deployed in the country of the elections. 

This year marked ENEMO‚Äôs return to some counties. After 13 years and Presidential elections in 2008 ENEMO returned in Georgia. This mission was also important in terms of gaining the trust of new donors, so for the first time some mission was financially supported by official development aid of the Slovak Republic. In Albania ENEMO returned after 16 years, and to Kosovo after 8 years. 

All of these accomplishments are hopefully just an introduction of many more good things to come for the Network, many more international observation missions, different donors and projects to implement, but also proof of our readiness to adapt as successfully as possible to the new circumstances such as COVID19- pandemic. Hopefully, this report will properly reflect all the work we have done this year and we welcome any advice or suggestions for our further work.