Annual Reports - Annual report 2019

Annual report 2019

22. Jan. 2020.

In many regards, 2019 was a milestone year for our network. For the first time, ENEMO conducted 4 international election observation missions in one year, several of which were held simultaneously. It was the first time that participants of all the missions, whether Core Team members or observers, received increased remunerations closer to their professional market value. Comprehensive mission specific Guidebooks for LTOs and STOs were written by the Core Teams in each mission. They were provided to all observers, increasing their knowledge and understanding of the context of elections. In Ukraine for Presidential Elections, it was the first time STOs received funds for their payments and expenses directly via personal banking cards. They were distributed to them upon their arrival, greatly facilitating their work. In Moldova, ENEMO implemented a mobile application for submission of reports of STOs from polling stations. They were handed pre-configured phones containing the app (including in two languages, English and Russian, for Presidential Elections in Ukraine), increasing the speed and efficiency of data collection. Overall, ENEMO set a record this year in the amount of funding it received and administered, demonstrating its capacity to further manage large size grants and implement broad international projects. And, as you will read through this report, you will notice the list of important achievements continues.