Presidential Elections in Kazakhstan 2005

Country: Kazakhstan

Type of election: Presidential election

Type of mission: Election observation mission (EOM)

Long-term observers: 10

Short-term observers: 30

Thirty short-term ENEMO monitors observed the voting and tabulation at more than 310 polling stations. Ten long-term ENEMO observers monitored the pre-election campaign period from November 19 to December 3, 2005, in six oblasts of the Republic of Kazakhstan: (Mangistau oblast (Aktau), South Kazakhstan oblast (Shimkent, Taraz), North Kazakhstan oblast (Petropavlovsk), Kostanai oblast (Kostanai), Akmolinsk oblast (Astana), Almaty oblast (Almaty). The duration of ENEMO’s long-term observation mission was reduced as a result of difficulties encountered in obtaining accreditation.


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