Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine 2006

Country: Ukraine

Type of election: Parliamentary election

Type of mission: Election observation mission (EOM)

Long-term observers: 42

Short-term observers: 389

For the Ukrainian 2006 parliamentary elections, ENEMO deployed 42 long-term observers covering all oblasts of Ukraine to monitor the pre-election environment including the political campaign and preparation activities of the election administration ahead of the March 26th parliamentary election. For Election Day ENEMO deployed 389 election observers to 2040 polling stations throughout all oblasts of Ukraine. 


Mission opening

25. Feb. 2007 SEE MORE

E-Day Press Release

27. Mar. 2006 SEE MORE

Statement of Preliminary Findings and Conclusions

27. Mar. 2006 SEE MORE

Ukraine 2006 Parliamentary Elections

16. Mar. 2006 SEE MORE


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