Local Elections in Ukraine 2006

Country: Ukraine

Type of election: Local elections

Type of mission: Election observation mission (EOM)

Long-term observers: 3

Short-term observers: 28

The European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO) observed the November 26th mayoral elections in Poltava, Chernihiv and Kirovograd. The purpose of the mission was to assess whether the election processes complied with democratic election principles. 

ENEMO deployed 3 long-term observers, fourteen mobile teams, and ENEMO Mission staff. These members were divided amongst the three cities. 

The ENEMO mission was composed of election observers from eleven countries including Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Montenegro, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. Four mobile teams were deployed in Poltava, 5 mobile teams in Chernihiv and 5 mobile teams in Kirovograd. The teams visited between 40%-50% of the total number of polling stations (Kirovograd 58/117, Poltava 46/134, Chernihiv 50/111) as well as observed the work of the District and City Election Commissions. 


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