Kristina Kostelac

Kristina Kostelac is a Master of Political Science with a special interest in elections and public policy, and a University Specialist in Project Management, EU Funds and Programmes. She has been observing elections in Croatia since 2011 and has international STO and LTO certificates. Since 2014, Kristina has participated in more than 15 International Election Observation Missions (IEOMs) in Africa, Asia and Europe (Ghana, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Armenia, Ukraine, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, etc.) with OSCE/ODIHR, European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO) and European Union (EU).

She closely cooperates with and represents Croatian civil society organization Gong, a pioneer of election observation in Croatia. Whenever possible, she actively observes elections in Croatia. Kristina is a member of the Governing Board of ENEMO and holds trainings for future international election observers. She especially enjoys coordinating Long-term observers in large missions, but also participates as a Political/Campaign Analyst and an Election Analyst in IEOMs.

Besides elections, Kristina works as a Project manager in Croatia, where she has the opportunity to prepare different project proposals for her clients coming from different industries. She is engaged in numerous activities such as activism and research. In her free time, she enjoys different sports and hobbies, as well as solving crosswords and puzzles.