Gerta Meta

Gerta Meta is Executive Director of the Society for Democratic Culture (SDC) since 2003, an Albanian civil society organization working mainly in the field of democratization, elections, citizens participations and human rights. She has 30 years of experience in activities related to the improve of integrity of elections and other related initiatives. She has participated in different international events, trainings, conferences and workshops organized from NDI. IFES and OSCE/ODIHR in Albania and other countries, too. Gerta has been directly involved in the implementation of many projects related to local governance and decision-making processes. She has extended professional experience and expertise in the fields of election monitoring, local governance and women participation in decision making. Gerta has a vast experience in organizing of election-related activities and monitoring of elections in Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine, United Kingdom etc. Gerta has graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology, and the second faculty in the branch of jurisprudence in the University of Tirana. She holds a master degree in Human and Political Geography - Electoral Geography. In the same time Gerta Meta has a License of Mediation and Certificated from Albanian Study Political School – Summer School, Strasbourg.