Dubravka Tomic

Dubravka was born in November 1990. She completed her specialist studies at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Montenegro, as a student of International Relations. She is currently a master's student at the Faculty of Political Science. Since January 2018, she has been engaged as intern at the Center for Monitoring and Research CeMI. After the internship, Dubravka was engaged in CeMI as Financial and procurement officer, and since February 2021 she is engaged at the position of Financial Manager. During the period from 2019-2022, she was a member of the Core Team for several ENEMO International Election Observation Missions (Ukraine 2019, Moldova 2020, Kosovo 2021, Hungary 2022). In addition to this, Dubravka was engaged as a Financial and Logistic Manager in ENEMO, where she was in charge of financial and administrative implementation of the several projects, including the EOMs. During her engagement, she attended several trainings on implementation of EU projects and ENEMO training for long term observers.